LATEST WORK (Winter 2004):

We are currently working on the forecabin. The base for the bunks are in and we are doing tongue and groove strips along the hull. The bulkheads have wainscoting on them. The quarterberth strips are also going in since they are the same strips as in the forecabin. Next will be the bunk tops in the forecabin and a small vanity/storage area aft of the forecabin bunk but forward of the hanging locker (stbd side).

LAST YEAR (Winter 2003):

Work during this time centered on the starboard settee, hanging locker, and nav station. The port side settee is in and the galley roughed in but the countertop is not in yet. See the sections on wainscoting and hand-holds, there are many construction pictures there.

HAND- HOLDS (Feb 2003): (How to make laminated hand-holds)

WAINSCOTING (June 2001): (How to make wainscoting)

GALLEY (Apr-May 2001):

QUARTERBERTH (Jan-Feb 2001):

SETTEE (Fall 2000):

DECK (Spring 2000):

UNDER FLOOR (Winter 2000):

peter dahl