How I made this model:
I wrote a C++ program that lofts the boat from the offsets given by the designer and creates an accurate cross-section of the hull at each station. I can do this because I know the radius for the radius bilge and the rest is straight lines. I then draw rectangles between the stations and smooth them using a graphics algorithm. Note that when the boat is actually lofted, a wood or fiberglass spline is used to smooth out the lines and so the result may be slightly different than the algorithm I used. The transom and bow are filled in afterwards. The line drawing at the top of the page shows the rectangles between the stations before they are filled in. The transom does not really have a crease down the middle, I need to modify my program to account for the compound curve as viewed from above. Also, the skeg and rudder are modeled at 2" thick plate here, they actually have some shape but I haven't completed that part yet. The blue plane represents the water's surface.

If you have a VRML plug-in you can play with the model directly by clicking here and moving around the boat:

3-D VRML model

I took some still snapshots of the model:

peter dahl