OVERVIEW, updated 6-26-02
In 1994-95 I spent a couple years going through various models of boats looking for something special. I was looking for a 36-42' boat that would last the 25-30 years I would own it and that I could trust in a variety of situations. I didn't find exactly what I wanted and so I decided to embark on my own design. I spent time collecting ideas for various designs and brought them together. I was lucky to interest Ted Brewer in formalizing these ideas into an actual design. We both brought ideas to the table and were both happy with the result.
I searched for an aluminum boat builder for the hull and deck for 6 months and found Frank Sinek from Seattle. Frank is a true craftsman and he started work on the hull and deck in the summer of 1997. The hull and deck soon became a work of art and the project came to life. In the summer of 1998 we shipped the boat to the Bay Area and rented a spot in a storage yard. We built a temporary shed around the boat to protect it from the sun. The boat has yet to be in the water.
For the past few years I have been working on the interior of the boat. It went slow at first because infrastructure projects like molding tanks, cutting back the foam insulation, putting on lifelines, and mounting deck fittings took a while. Once that was done, the woodworking portion is going faster but progress is limited due to lack of time to work on it. It is quite a challenge to make parts of the interior that can be removed for access in an environment where nothing is square. Once the cabinetry gets to a point where the bunks and structures are in, the electrical and plumbing systems will go in and we can launch the boat.

This is definitely a long-term project and spans several phases in our lives. We plan on taking the boat down the west coast of North America to Mexico first, maybe a couple times, and see how we like that. If that goes well, we plan to take it across the Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas and other island chains, and eventually on to New Zealand. In the meantime we are spending our time working on the boat and chartering every once in a while.

This website includes pictures of the hull and deck as they were constructed. The interior pictures are progressing as things get done inside. The site also shows certain features of the design that are unique as well as the normal measurements. A 3-D model that I built during the design phase gives a feel of the hull form. Feel free to browse and email me if you have questions or comments.

peter dahl